marți, 4 iunie 2013

The Change

Here I sit thinking about the events of the day. I’m shocked as I think back. The same question keeps playing in my mind as the actions of others scream in my mind.

How can people act like that and not think anything of it?

How can people do the things they do and not think twice?

Why do we let them?

They make us feel stupid or stab us in the back. And we let them. We are kind, christen. And what does it merit us?

Sleepless nights

Do they ever lose sleep? Does the guilt ever come creeping up on them? Do those hateful things they say and do ever come back to haunt them? Do they ever think “maybe she’s different maybe she doesn’t like being told off”? 

Does it?

We get mad at them and fight with them. We suddenly find ourselves doing the very same things that they do. Suddenly we are the bad guys.

So now what?

Who was right and who was wrong?

I can’t really tell you who was wrong but I CAN tell you who was right.

It is the person who changes. The one who says “maybe I should have done or said that that. Next time I have a chance I will try to be nicer to the one who is hurting. I will make sure to always think of others. I will always put them first.”

Because the only way to fight what we hate is to NOT become part of it

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