sâmbătă, 28 mai 2011

Otaku Festival

Hello everyone!!! 

    I just saw that i didn't post in a long time ... 
   So i decided to tell you a little about what happen at  the Otaku Festival. 

   Hm... were should i start ? ....  i'll just skip to when we ( me and my  friend Ana)  got there :D

   When we arrived at the Students Culture House ( * Casa de cultura a studentilor ) we've meet with some other friends Sayuuki , Misa , Cosmin  and Toppi . I tried to scare Misa but i failed T^T....
   Anyway... we  entered and there were soo many things that i wanted , but i didn't have money T^T  and there were sooo many Bishis there i was like  "OMG , did i died and got to heaven ?" :)) 
   I just couldn't take my eyes off them :D  and i wasn't the only one  :))   The thing is that when i see a boy i like i start to "bip" and i was like "BIP, BIP " all the time :)) My friend Misa had a lot of money  and got herself i thing 12 volumes of manga and posters -_-''  
That  made me veerry jealous but , she didn't have money to buy a Kuroshitsugi  watch , that made me a little happy ^^
    We looked around and  there was a wall were everyone could draw on and that exactly what i've done :) 
And we've meet with another friend Daiana and and went for a little walk , made some pics  , and went back for the cosplay contest :)
   We entered the a big hall , and most of the sits were taken so i decided to stay in the back and film . ( * i'll put it below ) 

But before the costplay  there was a concert of a band that does covers on japanese songs :3  The bands name was "The Laughing Men" i think they wore good , but still needed a little more practice :)
*sorry but i'll have to finish  later*