miercuri, 19 ianuarie 2011

Big Problem !

Hello everyone ! Ana here !

So i have a BIG problem at school:(
I got sick last week and i didn't go to school , and  tomorrow when i go i'll have to take my math exam , that i didn't take with the rest of the class , and the thing is that i had a dream last night that i took the exam and FAILED and everyone was pointing their fingers at me and saying that even the stupidest boy in class passed :(
and  i don't remember after that :D anyway one of my friends told me that if i was there i wold have passed because i would  have known  every problem and would have got at least an 9.  I HATE MY LIFE !
But i won't take the same test as them so i'm scared :(
I hope i will do well tomorrow :X Wish me luck :)

Anyway i want to tell you what a stupid thing i've done because i was bored :D
I started makeing a list of all the anime i've seen  and i've got at 100 :))
And i think i should do the same thing with all the manga that i read.
What do you think?

miercuri, 5 ianuarie 2011

First day of school

Hello everyone , Ana here !

Ok so today was the first day of school and it sucked !! It was very boring ,and we got a test at german :(( 
   Some of the guys in my class made prank phone calls at math , at first it was funny but after that it started to get on my nerves , so i decided to listen to music and i don't know how but i slept on my desk :D
 I don't know what happen after that , because when i got up everyone was going home :)) 

luni, 3 ianuarie 2011

In Living Color

Well i just saw some funny videos on you tube and i want to share them with you . I hope you will like them as much as i do  (>w<)

The Trip

Hello everyone!

   Hello Ana here !  I just made this blog but i don't know why i'm writing in english anyway..let's go on with the story .

Ok ... so i went on a trip  with my math teacher and some other kids. 
  On the first day , when we arrived in "Busteni"  , it  was very cold . There was a girl that was in the same school as me and she was wearing some tights. Me and some other girls were staring at her as if we've seen an alien or something . :)) 
  Anyway after that it started snowing and we started walking  to "Cabana Diham-Phoenix" .  We had to climb all the way to the hut . At the beginning it was hard but after that we got used to it . We climbed like 4 hours until we reached the hut . 
  After we entered the hut everyone went to buy some tea or hot chocolat and sat at a table because there was still some people to arrive. We talked about how cold it was outside and some other stuff .... after that our math teacher came and we went to our rooms :D
  The room was small but we managed to survive :)) 
  The boys had some problems with the toilet , but let's skip that .... every one changed their clothes and went to the  dining hall , we played some games , listen  to music, and some other things. 
  It was 8:30 and we went to our rooms and talked about stupid things. After that we went to sleep ,  some of the girls were sleep talking and that was funny because they were saying stupid things :))

The next day ....

  When we got up we went to eat and our teacher told us that we will be going  to another hut and then come back . The problem was that i had some problems on my right foot and i couldn't go :( 
  So i staid behind and took a bath and then went to sleep , but before that i had to put my alarm clock to ring at 1 PM because they sad they will be back by then .  Then i went to sleep and i got up because someone has knocking at the door . I got up and opened the door , and guess what , it was the girls , i asked them if they were knocking for a long time . They said that they just got there . 
  I taught that i didn't hear my alarm but when i looked at it it was 12:58 WTF! 
  Later that day some of the girls went with the boys outside to play in the snow . Well i stayed inside because i didn't have a change of jeans because i forgot them home so i didn't want to get wet . 
But it better that i didn't go because when the came back they were injured because the fell on the ice and on some rocks . 
  After  Ana and Maria changed we went into the dining hall and played cards , some time passed when a some people came and sat on a table , one of them had a guitar and started to play on it and sing , soon after everyone has singing and it was such a beautiful  felling.  We staid till 1AM , after that we went to sleep .
Well i'm not going to tell you what happened in the next day because nothing happen , we just went home and now my feet hurt like hell .

   I hope i didn't make many spelling mistakes ^w^  and if i did i'm sorry :D