miercuri, 19 ianuarie 2011

Big Problem !

Hello everyone ! Ana here !

So i have a BIG problem at school:(
I got sick last week and i didn't go to school , and  tomorrow when i go i'll have to take my math exam , that i didn't take with the rest of the class , and the thing is that i had a dream last night that i took the exam and FAILED and everyone was pointing their fingers at me and saying that even the stupidest boy in class passed :(
and  i don't remember after that :D anyway one of my friends told me that if i was there i wold have passed because i would  have known  every problem and would have got at least an 9.  I HATE MY LIFE !
But i won't take the same test as them so i'm scared :(
I hope i will do well tomorrow :X Wish me luck :)

Anyway i want to tell you what a stupid thing i've done because i was bored :D
I started makeing a list of all the anime i've seen  and i've got at 100 :))
And i think i should do the same thing with all the manga that i read.
What do you think?

Un comentariu:

  1. nu mai am ce sa zic,esti cu capu'.si buai.si eu am avut vise d'astea :))
    deci te inteleg xD
    dar vezi ca iti iese 9 , femeie.you're so lucky.

    pei daca nu te'a oprit nimic sa faci lista cu anime,de ce sa nu faci si cu manga?:))