sâmbătă, 29 octombrie 2011

A Day to Remember

  Hello Everyone

Today i was with my friends Mya, Catalin and Diana  to the Herastrau park in Bucharest :) 
 It was a fun day , we ate a lot of funk food , but it was good xD
We went to the Japanese garden , and found a  black cat sleeping on the grass , he was really cute. After that went to look for something to do when , a group of "Biebers"  came in our way , i  couldn't help myself and yelled at them " Bieber" and  the funny thing was that all of them turned to look at me , we all started laughing , and they continued walking  to where ever they were going .
^ yup that's Mya playing on the phone

vineri, 7 octombrie 2011


  Hey  everyone! 

Well what can i say the title says everything , i'm   bored  T^T
 In the past days i was sick and didn't go to school ,   there wasn't anything to do at home ...
 now that i'm better i don't know what to do , there is nothing to do , and because of that i'm bored like hell :( 

Well here come my  question
 What do you do when your bored  ? 

please post your answer  xD

sâmbătă, 1 octombrie 2011

 Hello Everyone !

Last night i was at  HiTT  , a japanese singer ,  he was awesome ! 
   He is 100% prettyer than the image below ,  and he  has white hair now .
 He was really cute cause in the middle of the concert he went to take his phone and  took pictures of us  x3 ( good thing i was in the first row ) 
  We gave him a BIG drawing of him , and on the back everyone wrote something for him . When he gave it to him he was really happy and started to read  the things we wrote on the back . 
We had a lot of fan service , and GOD was that good xD

At the end of the concert he gave us  autographs , and  i asked him for a hug and took a picture with him ,  he was so cute , man , i miss him  T^T
Yeah so that's all for now  , i'll post below a video of him in case you don't know him.