marți, 4 iunie 2013

I'm Going To Change

 I'm tired to be someone that i'm not .Tired of being sorry for  everyone with a sad story  .Tired of people caring only for themselves . Tired  of  people judging when they actually  don't know anything . This is it , i'm not going to take it anymore , i'm going to be myself ! I won't care if people like me or not .  I'll  walk with my head held high and enjoy every day on this  planet. 

With each passing day i wonder if i can make it in this world .  When i walk on the streets i see people full of hate and with no goal in life , i see some with pain in their eyes , and some to  full of  themselves.  No one smiles  like they did when they were just kids , now they just put up a fake smile with no fillings   behind it . There are  a few people left that have fillings and enjoy their life , i want to be one of those people , and will try my best to become one . "You can't change the world if you don't change yourself" someone said , and i have to agree with that  person.  That saying is  true, in my opinion  ,some of you may think that it's not , but that's up to you . 

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