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Bacccck Part I

Helllo ~ 

 Well hell , it's been a reaaaly long time since i   posted here ...
   SO ..  i guess i should start by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR !  ( and all the other stuff )
Anyway ..  Back to   the point

 I decided to come back , and post  stuff from my life here cause ,  a lot has been happening lately and .. i think  this might help me , in some ways  ^^

  So to  make it  quick and tell you what happened  in the past year   ( that is 2012 )

  On the 18th of  feb , my" Brother "  died .   He was one of the best  dogs   someone could ever have.
 He was 13 years old  .   And all i want to say  is that he left me  ,with some great memories that i will never forget  I  really hope that where ever you are now , you are happy and   watch over us  like you always did .

I'm sorry  for starting with something sad ...  
 In  May ,   we temporary   got a   puppy  that was   found  on the side of    some village ,  skinny and scared , her name was Mura ,  and we kept her for about 4 months  until she got adopted , she was one hell of a cute puppy and looked like an German Sh.
But she got lucky and a   nice man adopted her  and from what i've heard  she is doing fine .

 Summer  Vacation started and i could think about was  A-Camp , but sadly that was in  August  and before that ... mom   made me go to another camp from the Dan Voiculescu Foundation , witch sucked .. but i'll tell you later about that ...  soo ..  
In June   , I  went with Ana , her brother and   gf to Vama Veche , were i got  really drunk in the first night  ( well actually pretended to be drunk cause i was to  tired to answer to people , but shhh.. don't tell anyone :D )      Saw a lot of hot and i  mean HOT  dudes ( my definition of hot .. is a  male  with   beared ,  long  hair , dreads ,  and most important an nice personality  , not jerks :D  )
 We only stayed for a weeked  but in the second day (  Sat . Night ) my parents  decided to " surprise me"  by coming  too .     They  were  unexpectedly nice and friendly with everyone ,  made jokes ,   laughed at a drunken ( epic) Jesus .  The next day we  went home  T^T

  hmm ...  don't really remember what happened after that ...

 but  we found a kitten ..   then  another puppy   ( both got adopted )  

  Fisrt up was   Dan Voiculescu's  camp . that was free...
 And i must  say ,  for me it SUCKED ,  it was horrible ,    and i don't think i would have survived if my  old classmate Alex and Ana wouldn't have been with me > . <
 We weren't allowed to do anything  without  the HOLE   group to participate , and  if by a miracle we did manage to   do something it sucked ,    the food was horrible ,     some of the kids  got  food intoxication and were sent home  , but i wasn't    as lucky as them , no... i had to stay a hole week in Costinesti one of the most  dirty  beaches i have ever seen ,  it was full and i mean FULL of drama queens and   idiots .
 I simply hated it ,  that week felt like  a month   , and i couldn't wait to get home  and ...  relax .

  After this ..  A-camp came ,  i was so excited  i could  bearly sleep xD
 I remember   when i got to the train station ,  i saw a few people i know from Otaku and Nijikon , but i was so  sky  and embarrassed  to go to them   , so i waited  and saw a girl i talked to on facebook and just ..  stayed with  her  xD
 The train came ,  we got on it  ,  and  lucky for me i had seats next to her . At first there weren't   to many of us , but  before the train  announced  it's departure ( not sure that's the word)   a HUGE mass of people  boarded  the train and   i just knew they were gonna be my friends in the upcoming week .
 Next to me  sat  2  twins ,  that were very friendly and  at fisrt i thought  they were around my age ... but guess what ...  i was wrong ... they   were 21 . if i think about it ... i was  among the youngest of the campers ..   but that didn't seem to matter ,  because everyone was so nice and friendly that it didn;t   matter . hell  everyone  treated everyone the same .  The firts day was  a little ... weird because i didn't know anyone  and most of them  knew each other from  other caps   or were friends  and .. i was  pretty much and  outsider  so it felt weird . But that ended pretty  fast  cause    we had to do some pretty funny  things to get to know each other like ... get a  bag of  stuff and an egg and try  to  pack ( i know that's not the  greatest word to use ..  ) the egg so  when we trow it from  the first  floor it won't crack  .  And other crazy stuff ...
 The point is ... that this camp was one of the greatest and most awesome things i have ever been too , and i will go  to the next camp and the next  until i'll be   soo old they won't want me anymore :D  and  i made A LOT of friends that i intend to keep  ^ ^  cause they are simply awesome :3
 Summer is over  and 10th grade started ..
 and what i have to say is that i have been skipping a lot .   I don't know why , but i can't stop myself and  i've been thinking of  finishing 10th grade and ... quitting  cause ... i just  don't feel  it's right .. and i know what most of you are thinking ... "   yeah ..   she;s an idiot you can't do anything witout a  highschool  diploma and bla bla bla " but that's not  exactly what i want to do ...
  What i want to do  is   quit  after 10th grade and concentrate on  drawing and painting , as much as i can cause i want to get good  at it so i can enter UNArte without  a problem .. but i can't  do that when  school feels my time with useless things that i will never use in life..
 so  .. my play is to  quit  ,  practice for 1 year   and get  at good as i can get , then  when i'm 18 ,   go back and finish my last 2 classes , take the exam ( BAC)    and enter University without a problem ^ ^
  The this is that ...  it  just doesn't feel right for me to countinue  going to school , it feels like a mistake ,  i just feel it  that  if i want  to acheave my  goal to  become a graphic designer i have to do this .
 The sad thing about school  is that ...  everyone knows you are skipping but no one in  the school   talks to you to see  what is wrong with you , or give you some advice ... all they know is  to yell at you  or make fun ...  and i'm pretty sick of people like that ..
 yep i't 1:46 am  and i'm pretty sleepy ... so i should  go  to  bed and countinue  this  in the morning :D

   Also  before i go , i want to say that it feels pretty good to  ... "be back " and  it made me feel a  little better .annnd  i'm pretty sure no one will read this sooo that's even better , but if you  are reading this .. would you mind leaving a comment  ,  you don't have to say anything just   ...idk something so i know someone actually took the time to read this mess ....
  Thank you ~

 *  btw ... Sorry for my spelling mistakes * 

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  1. Just read your crap...cough cough...nice stuff.
    Guess you're not so excited to see ME here, but yeah...

  2. Actually .... I WAS EXPECTING YOU !!!