luni, 19 septembrie 2011

High School II

 Hello Everyone!~

 Well , i'm back , and ready to tell you how was the fist day of high school ;) 

  so... let start 

 when i got to school  there wasn't anyone  there  i was  getting a little panicked  cause i didn't know how to get to the  class until i saw 2 girls that  i knew from facebook and i hoped that we were in the same class , i ran to them, and asked  if they were from 9 A , they looked  a little funny at me , and then said yes , i was really happy cause they knew were the class was and seemed to be really nice .  We entered the school and when we got to the class we looked at each other and someone asked who will go in first   ( note: their names are Mya and Vali )  we argued a little and  then i  said i'll go , when i opened the door the class was full ,   i walked in and said  "Hello " to everyone getting a few replays , i saw  a girl that was sitting alone and went to her asking if the sit was taken , she smiled and said that i could sit there , her name is Alexandra , and she is  a really nice girl .  

I tried  to talk to the girls behind me ( Diana and Maria ) and  they were really happy when i did ,   i guess they were my first friends from the new class ,  Mya, Vali , Alexandra , Diana & Maria ,  we talked and joked a little  until our homeroom teacher entered the  class , and introduced herself , she  is really skinny, talking a lot and is a history teacher .   She told us many interesting things that we didn't know until then . And she took the boys to  help her get our books. 

 When they left , all the girls were up  and  were introducing their self's to everyone , some  of the girls were ... ok  but some not ...  but we can't have them all ,right?  
Anyway ....   

 We talked a little until  our seniors" came in the class room looking at us like we were monkeys from the zoo or something , it was kind of funny at first but it started to get really annoying ,  i was praying that the boys will come with the book and  get this over with  ,  but we waited for like 40 min ? or something like that . 

When they finally came , i was so happy that i could dance in the class :)) yeah that wouldn't be pretty....   we each recived our books and went home ,  in the next days we got to know each other a little better and started to play with  each other ,  and have fun ,  we still  keep some distance but i'm sure that in no time  it will be like we know each other form  a long time ^ ^

I hope i can be friends with everyone  cause i'm not there to  make " enemy s " or things like that , i wanna have fun and try to learn some new things . 
Yeah ..  i guess  that is all  i had to say ,  if there is something else i forgot  i'll be sure to tell you ^^

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  2. It's so nice you're havin' fun!

    Can't wait to see you at HITT! [already bought mah ticket b-)]