duminică, 11 septembrie 2011

First Day of High School :)

Hey there everyone :)

Today is gonna be my fist day of high school  and i'm really excited .
 The ceremony will be at 9 AM ,  now it's 7:30 and i'll have to leave at 8 AM so i could get there in time. I can't wait to see my new class mates and hope that they are nice and that i will be good friends with them ^^

  I don't know how i'll react when i'm gonna enter the school and if  i will know anyone over there :) it's kinda scary when you thing about it , but  hopefully it will be okay .
I don't know what to wear , and if i should take some notebooks with me but i think i won't cause it's the fisrt day and we'r not gonna do anything only get to know each other better :)
  In my class there are 2 bishies and i am really happy about it case they seem to be nice . 
 ummm... i don't know what else to  tell you .. but i'll try to take some photos and post them here later ....
 so i guess this is it , wish me luck and i'll tell you how'd it go :)

2 comentarii:

  1. Uuuu, bishies...:-?

    Let's both hope we're gonna have fun in high school! All my classmates seem to be nice, but the bishie is already taken :<. Too bad, maybe you can barrow me one ;)).

  2. i wish i could barrow you one T^T but they are taken 2 , but it's fun to hang out with them > w <