miercuri, 13 aprilie 2011

Sometimes, a hug is all we need!

Sometimes, a hug is all we need! ♥

I felt miserable today and met one of those Free Huggers :)
I thought: "So what. It could help." ...And it really did!
Everything seemed to be so fine after just one hug with a common person. He was so nice and the hug cheered me up. I was sorry I didn't have somebody close to my heart to hug, but even a hug with strange guy made me smile. :)

I think these people are amazing. They spread love around without expecting any exchange. They just want to make you happy. :)

It's nice to see there are still kind people in the world and it's even nicer to meet one!

So this is somehow dedicated to all the FREE HUGGERS and to all the people who needs a hug right now!!

I don't know how about you, but seeing people hugging always warms my heart! ♥ There's so much love in one hug.

And watch this video. It's Juan Mann (the man who went out with 'FREE HUG' sign for the first time) and it always brings tears to my eyes! :)

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  1. *Freee Huuuugs for mah sweet Annn-chaaaan >:D<*

    Now I'm so prouund I'm a [maniac] free hugger. I hope to see ya soon and giiive you a good huug, but it woon't be free >:P.

    See ya at Otaku and please have phun at Orochi for meh too. I had fun at Guild fot ză whole woorld.