sâmbătă, 23 aprilie 2011


Hello everyone!
So as i promised i have photos and videos from the concert , i will put it some were below ... 
All i can say about the concert is that it was AWESOME !  I got to touch  every band member and their instruments ! KYAA 
One of my friends told me that Ushi-Waka was looking into my eyes :X
God  Yukimura   is the cutest thing EVER!
And Genji , is so sweet , he took my hand and i didn't want to let go  :))  ( i think i sound like those stupid fan-girls , right?) 
Ushi-Waka taught us Karate to  "kick your boy friend " ( he was so cute talking in english ) 
There wore many fan-girls that wore holding their rings so that Ushi-Waka would take them , but guess what , he didn't >:) 
I for one tried to take his bracelet :D but i failed:(( 
 At one time everyone had their hand in Ushi-Waka's hair and face , i was thinking he's gonna die .
Oh and Yukimura took off his .....   ( i forgot what , that was called :D )  but he was topless , and the fan girls were like SCREAMING really loud in my ears and now i can't hear like i used to .... :|

There were a lot of other things that happened and it was fun , i hope they will come again . <3
At the end we got autographs, and i got to talk to them ^^  (i'm not going to tell you what ) 

So here are some photos and videos from the concert , but don't expect anything special because it was a lot of people and i was  jumping   :D

 Ushi-waka :x
This was one of the other thinks we did ^^

Yukimura taking of ... the thing :D

Yukimura ! <3 he's so CUTE !

One of the other fun thing we've done , when i did this i hit one of the girls 
that looked very weird at me :)) 

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  1. <3
    they were effin' cute and awesome.
    we all love them..gaah,inca ma mai gandesc cum i'am atins fata lu' ushi-waka si se uita cu privirea aiaa GOOOOD xD
    nu mai comentez.sunt adorabili.sunt geniali.